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"Dear Bob,

It is with great pleasure to write this letter to Sparkle Wash in regards to the Warren E. Burger Federal Building and US Courthouse Renovation and Alteration Project for a job well done on the exterior cleaning of the building. The results from Sparkle Wash’s hard work and dedication far exceeded the Courts, GSA and Ryan Companies expectations. The results were so dramatic it would be hard to believe, unless one had access to before and after pictures. Sparkle Wash provided the GSA, Ryan’s Client, with a fresh, new looking exterior façade to go along with the newly renovated interior spaces.

WEB Federal Building

In addition, your staff of dedicated professionals and team players with a “can do” attitude made Ryan’s job of managing extremely simple. Your onsite team matched Ryan’s culture very well with their attention to detail, strict safety guidelines, schedule awareness, and last but not least, the ability to keep everyone informed of potential “rocks in the road” well before they were an issue. While working with a compressed schedule and tough conditions, Sparkle Wash’s proactive approach made the exterior cleaning scope of Warren E. Burger Federal and US Courthouse Renovation and Alterations Project a success.

Ryan Companies LogoI personally want to say thank you on behalf of Ryan’s Project Team. We applaud your efforts for a job well done!"

Sincerely, Brian J. Beste

Superintendent | Ryan Companies US, Inc.


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